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The answer very much depends on your project’s scope and its ultimate goals. If you are looking to create an indelible space, residential or commercial, that is a platform for a unique experience then the answer is simply yes, you do need interior designers. 


It has been long perceived that interior designers are expensive and therefore only suitable for the upper class. While this might’ve been somewhat true a while back, nowadays, the landscape has changed considerably.


Given the development of digital technology within the designing space, Interior Designer quotes are currently at the most competitive rate ever. 


So if you’re looking to create a commercial or residential space that stands out and you’re open to spending approximately 5% to 10% of your budget on designing services, interior designers are definitely for you.

But here are 9 more key reasons why you should definitely start working with an interior designer both online or in person.





Exactly how can you save money if you finally decide to accept an interior designer quote? 

If the relationship with the designer is reverse-engineered, you will quickly understand that they have access to a multitude of trade discounts and extensive knowledge of the best suppliers that offer the best value for money.


Similarly, a professional interior designer will have established relationships with building contractors, therefore being able to take advantage of potential economies of scale. 

On a different note, a designer’s experience and due diligence abilities equate to zero or very minimal errors. Because of the exact 3D measurements and calculations regarding furniture sizes and quantities of the first &  second fix, the failure risk is almost eliminated. 


Lastly, if you do opt for a full service, most interior designers will coordinate and manage your project throughout its entire duration, for a considerably lower cost compared to a construction project manager. 


In the end, they want to make sure that their design is accurately replicated and constructed. 



Building on the above ideas, if you feel that starting a project that aims to change the interiors of your house or commercial space is just too time-consuming, you just have to hire interior designers.


By simply doing this, you will be automatically outsourcing a big chunk of the time spent on this to the interior designer team. 

At this stage, the designer knows exactly the fastest, most efficient path towards project completion.

A factory of ideas 


It’s part of a designer’s job to be able to engineer ideas continuously. The interesting part about design ideas is that by recycling old and new concepts and combining these, new ideas are born continuously. 


From layouts to custom furniture or ingenious lighting concepts, your interior designer will have plenty of solutions to your concerns. 



Vision Development 


If you don’t know where to start in with the implementation of your design vision, or if you feel that your vision needs more development and a professional touch, the best bet would be to hire an interior designer. 

Taking our example, at Craftogram, in the preparation and brief stage we will extract all the details of the client’s vision through a shared mood board. This initial vision will be the foundation of our concepts.


On top of this foundation, we will make sure that our touch and unique vision blends seamlessly with the client’s vision origin. 


Budgeting and Planning

(By Professionals)

By the end of the concept stage, once the interior designer has produced 2-3 different concepts, he/she will then produce test fits for each of these.


Based on the 3D Model concepts and the associated elements, furniture pieces and complexity of design the designer will consider all these when calculating the potential cost of each concept. 

Tip: Ask your interior designer to produce constant test fits. This will allow you to understand the true interior design cost as the project progresses. 


Understanding space 

On a slightly philosophical note, with a rational flavour, an interior designer is trained to see space uniquely. Playing with space and almost expanding it, or in some cases, contracting it is something that interior designers in the UK do daily. 


In the end, he or she must succeed in maximising the space through professionally trained spatial awareness. 


Do you really need Interior Designers?


(Not the TV Contest) 

Simply put, if you hire an interior designer, and are willing to pay the interior designer’s cost, your space will end up being outstanding, and anyone that comes in and out will remember it. 



A finely curated and trained interior designer won’t just understand your initial vision.

A finely curated interior designer won’t implement only 1% of what you want. 

A fine interior designer will cooperate throughout the project stages, understanding your vision and its evolution throughout the entire design process. And therefore, fusing it into the main idea. 



Due diligence & Access


Besides all the main resources of an interior designer, they also have access to a lot of other smaller, but often required third parties.


As mentioned above, interior designers have access to and have selected a variety of UK, or international furniture suppliers as well as building contractors.


But besides the mains, they also have business connections with more local authorities, such as building control or structural engineers. 

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