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Angel | London,UK


74m2  // £80-110,000

The design concept for the restaurant is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and incorporates elements such as recessed lighting, custom-made furniture, and wood accents throughout the space. The color palette is comprised of cream and royal blue, with warm wood tones used as a complement to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The use of traditional Japanese curtains adds an element of privacy and separation within the space, while also showcasing the cultural influences of the restaurant. Floor Plan: The floor plan was modified to include a new sushi bar with stool seating, allowing customers to engage in an interactive dining experience by watching the chefs master their craft. The bar features a custom-made sushi bar top, highlighting the quality and freshness of the menu offerings. The restaurant features custom-made furniture, designed specifically to fit the needs of the space and to reflect the desired aesthetic.

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