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Cebu, Philipines


30m2  // £70-80,000


A playful stage to showcase the fusion of a two different yet similar methods of creating ice cream - blending Italian gelato traditions to the other side of the world, Philippines' sorbetes or colloquially called 'dirty ice-cream'. The scope required a whimsical and youthful design concept that expresses the sweet and piquant taste of the dessert. The use of colourful terrazzo on the countertops with the grey terrazzo tiles on the floor complements each other, toning down the vividness of the glossy pink elements. The striking bubble elements of the décor mimic the flavourful ice-cream scoops, along with the twisting LED strip which is a simulation of a syrup drizzle - enough to make the customers and passer-bys' mouths to water.

This typology of interior design is achieved when we are allowed to go for it entirely! 

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