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Devon, UK

Stealth House


Completed 2018

The site, in a dramatic position perched on the top of an exposed cliff facing north into the bay of Combe Martin. The triangular plan was adopted, firstly to create a building one room deep in the area of the view, and secondly, to place the bulk of the building next to the western entrance. The interior design is slick and minimalistic reflection of the overall architecture.  


The form of the house its generated by two elements, a freestanding silvered wall acting as a ‘shield’ to the elements on the North side, and a glazed and rendered ‘triangular box’, joined only by a 1.5m wide glass link that forms the entrance. This is positioned on the central axis to the entrance drive. A triangular roof light and cantilevered stair bring light into the depth of the plan.

Project: Guy Greenfield Architects

Photo: Paul Tyagi

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